Monday, June 04, 2007

Bill Gates Touch Screen Table

I couldn't resist linking to the newest innovation coming out from the PC side of the world (sorry Mac people). This video is a promo of the new touch screen table that Bill Gates and his Microsoft cronies are marketing to commercial interests. I'm sure they are unbelievably expensive, but am also sure we'll all be able to do this with our kitchen table in a few decades.


Anonymous said...

Mac will come out with the same thing that presents the information in front of you in hologram form with NO table needed! :-) (I've heard that technology is actually being developed - not sure if it's by Apple or not but someone's working on it.)

So would a table top computer be called a tMac?

- J

Anonymous said...

Actually, John, judging from the screen size, I believe it would be called a BIG Mac. - George H.